Whistle stop tour to the Tech that I have found useful.


The Apple® iPad paired with an Apple® wireless keyboard

Before starting at my new school (who supply all the kids with their own mini-book / laptops) I used to use the I pad on a daily basis for school so I can get down all my notes in class without carrying round a big clunky laptop. Some people might just say why not just use paper well the reason is that I type a lot faster than I write.  I had to put up a fight to get to use it in school because the teachers and governors were concerned that I could use it to photograph or video some of their classes and put it on u tube or something ( honestly!) I disabled the camera and put tape over the lens to provide the teaching staff with added confidence. These are good tips  if you have this problem. I followed it up with a letter my parents sent reminding them about the disability discrimination act and then this helped to grant permission to use it.The Apple  GUI (graphical user interface)  is easy to use and see visually because of their use of pictorial icons which helps dyslexics or others who struggle with fatigue due to poor visual processing. This allows the user to access tools in the applications easily.


The Intel® Reader

This device has been around for a number of years now specifically aimed at dyslexics or people with poor eyesight.  It is expensive with a hefty price tag of £549 (including stand) It’s essentially a camera with a reading panel, you take a photograph of text you need to read and it then reads text out  for you and it works well, you just need to make sure you on the latest firmware version because the first few were slightly flawed. It also comes with a stand that can photograph large chunks of books or text in one go.I don’t tend to carry this around every day at school because it’s just too big and heavy but besides this problem Intel® did a good job on its development and it is a useful device.




This is useful software that I tend to use because personally my grammar is terrible but this helps me a lot and the best of it is its free witch is always awesome :)





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