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Hello World!!!!!!!


Hi welcome to my new blog! It’s now time for a change and a fresh new look. I am a big supporter of The British Dyslexia Association and to coincide with dyslexia awareness week 2014 the theme this year is “Dyslexia Matters”  so I am relaunching the Dudes with Dyslexia website a blog. I will be blogging about my experience of living on a day to day basis as a teenage dyslexic any any helpful hint and tips I have along the way.

A little bit about me! My name is Harry I am fourteen live in the UK and I attend a different type of school which is a University Technical College. I study the normal type GCSE’s alongside a diploma in engineering, business studies and product design.

I am severely dyslexic and have dysgraphia ( difficulty with writing). You may remember that I developed the award wining website “dudeswithdyslexia” when  I was just nine years old and thanks to a lot of support and views it became very well known. As well as having dyslexia which does make school life difficult for me. As my friends and family will confirm I also have a weird sense of humour which helps when life gets rocky.

I enjoy windsurfing and over this last six months have started to compete as part of the RYA team 15. I have been selected for the zone squad and will be taking part in the training programme run by GBR team coaches. Below is a ghostly photo of me windsurfing in the fog near the Humber bridge.


I have just completed my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award which was hard work but lots of fun especially the two day hike expedition with my group. Carefully walking through cow manure and a field of bulls yikes !!

I also enjoy all things tech and have taught myself to code in python, PHP, HTML, shell and bash and am proficient in using the linux terminal. I ideally aspire to become a computer engineer working in cryptography and security research but if only I could pass my GCSE’s in English and maths. Something that the government is making very difficult for dyslexic kids as now from this year in GCSE’s exams poor grammar and spelling will loose marks.There will be no allowance for  a diagnosis of dyslexia.Thank you for that Mr. David Cameron and Nicky Morgan and your predecessor  you have just made achieving my dreams 100% more difficult! Apparently these educational reforms are not conservative ideology but are going to be really helpful to dyslexic teenagers like me. Ok Mr. Cameron in your world maybe but not in mine and don’t forget in another few years these affected dyslexic teenagers will be able to vote. Political rant now over!


With being dyslexic my school life has been at times extremely challenging and frustrating. I have had some absolutely dreadful teachers who have no clue about dyslexia and prefer to blame me than their lack of understanding with statements like” he doesn’t try” ” he is so lazy” and my absolute favorite “his attitude is awful is he going through an early puberty? I just don’t know what to do with him” these are real statements from my teachers. It is shocking that some teachers lack such dyslexia awareness  when their is so much research and training about dyslexia out there. I have also had some amazing teaching assistants who have been so helpful and have fought my corner against non understanding subject teachers and have gone out of their way to help me and without them I do not think I will still be in education.